Termite Inspection: 6 Vital Places You Shouldn’t Overlook

Termite Inspection: 6 Vital Places You Shouldn’t Overlook

Termite inspections are a pivotal part of making sure your Florida home stays solid. Not taking care of a termite problem can lead to an infestation that will become difficult to tame without professional help.

When considering having a termite inspection for your home, these are the problem areas you should spend some extra time focusing on beforehand so you pass the inspection with flying colors.

1. Attics:

Attics are primarily made with wood structures that serve as a haven for pests Termite colonies can even arise if infestations aren’t taken seriously at the first sign of their appearance.

Even if you don’t have an attic, any part of your home where wood is prevalent is a good starting point to prevent a termite infestation. Be sure to check all the crevices in these areas and to do so often.

2. Basements:

Inspecting your basement is a must before you decide to go through with a termite inspection because this is another area of the home prominent with wood, along with joists and support posts that provide substantial support to the sub-flooring of the home.

The fact that the basement is typically highly sheltered part of the home also makes it prone to insect infestation.

3. Decks:

Your deck is another area ripe for unwelcome visitors. If the wood in your deck isn’t pressure-treated it must be sealed thoroughly or painted freshly whenever possible. Checking your support beams on the deck which aren’t visible in plain sight. This means that your deck’s support beams may be deteriorating without you even noticing it.

Locating your support beams and checking them often may take you a long way in preserving the deck’s long-term health, and in preventing any infestations from pests.

4. Crawlspaces:

Crawlspaces generally serve as a smaller variation of a basement. With that in mind, Crawlspaces can serve as a hotbed for termites and pests.

Crawlspaces often lack flooring, as they only contain soil for the most part. The soil that serves as the flooring for crawlspaces should be covered completely and sealed off to prevent an infiltration of termites and insects.

This is another small step that will preserve both the life of your home and see that you pass a looming termite inspection.

5. Immediately Outside the House:

The areas immediately outside the home are ideal spaces for termites and other pests. The biggest steps you can take in keeping termites away from the outdoor areas closest to your home are by keeping woodpiles, dead leaves, trees and tree branches as far away from the home as possible.

The reason is because termites find these objects particularly appetizing, and can easily eat through them on the way to finding their way into your home.

6. Walls:

Termites in the walls are common as well. If you find small pin holes, this may be a sign that termites have eaten through the paper coating on your drywall or wallpaper. If you find bubbling or peeling paint, that may be another sign of a termite inspection.

Termites can remain hidden within walls without being found easily which makes this a great hotbed for a termite infestation.

If you suspect that an infestation may be looming within the walls of your home, it may be in your best interest to hire an exterminator to take care of the problem before it snowballs out of control.

Orlando Home Inspectors Examine Homes For Structural Problems

Buying a home is the greatest investment most people will ever make. With large sums of money involved, there is considerable opportunity for fraud. Structural problems are hidden from prospective buyers in clever ways. These problems cost a great deal of money to correct. Read how Orlando home inspectors can help assessing the condition of the home and look for hidden problems inside and out

How we can help?

Hiring qualified Orlando home inspectors can minimize your exposure to this risk. AAPI has become an expert at finding the “hidden” issues of a home by looking for the things that do not make sense. People hide things in multiple ways but there is usually a tell tale sign that something is not right.

There is an effective solution, however. When you agree to buy any property, insist that a clause be inserted into the contract that closing is dependent on a satisfactory inspection report. As a Orlando home inspector I will identify any problems found and can prevent you from possibly making a big mistake.

First, it is important that you hire a reputable home inspector to perform your home inspection in Orlando which is what you will get with All American Property Inspections. I will do a thorough inspection on every home. The industry was not regulated by any government agency until 2010, so unqualified inspectors routinely perform inspections without the level of skill needed to identify all potential areas for concern. You should research Orlando home inspectors carefully before hiring any company. Find out how long the company has been in business and how much experience inspectors have in the field. Be sure that they belong to professional organizations such as the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Reputable firms make every attept to thoroughly inspect the property but are sometimes limited by access to areas. Fees range depending on the size, age and distance to the property. You should be present at the inspection. If a company refuses to allow your participation, do not hire them. Professional Orlando home inspectors should not object to this request. Both interior and exterior areas of a home will be examined, as will any property issues that may effect the home. Workshops or unattached garages will be inspected if requested and agreed in the price of the inspection. Plumbing, HVAC systems, electrical systems, insulation and windows and doors will all be included.

Infrared cameras can identify moisture and insualtion problems. Frequently overlooked problem areas are mold and mildew. However, more experienced Orlando home inspectors detect the same problems without the use of infrared cameras. Mold is caused by a moisture issue which can drastically weaken wooden structures and cause major structural damage. It can also be toxic to humans and pets in some cases. Eradicating mold and mildew can be quite expensive, so it is critical to have this information before you buy a home. Insulation levels can be determined by the use of digital laser thermometers registering the heat transfer through the ceiling sheetrock. AAPI uses experience as well as equipment to locate any moisture or insulation issues.

Some Orlando home inspectors can also inspect the landscape around your property to recognize potential hazards. Flooding, possible erosion or areas of ponding around the foundation can be identified. Qualified inspectors can also make suggestions for correcting problems in the most cost-efficient manner. Finding problems does not necessarily preclude closing on a property. The inspector will provide a detailed written report, and you may convince the seller to correct the problem or adjust the sales price accordingly.

Orlando Home Inspectors will also offer valuable advice about maintenance issues for your property. This saves thousands of dollars on repair bills. If upgrades are required, the inspector can explain the time and expense required compared to the benefits. For example, otherwise sound older homes may require electrical upgrades to run the dizzying array of modern electronics used in most homes. Some repairs can add tremendous value to your home. It may be possible to benefit financially by upgrading key systems. When you understand all your options, you can make a sound decision.

Home Inspection Before Buying, Selling or Remodeling a House

Home Inspection Before Buying, Selling or Remodeling a House

Home Inspection Before Buying a House

Homes are major investments, and once you have closed on a piece of property you must live with the consequences. A detailed inspection from an impartial expert is the best way to determine if a property is sound. Expert analysis will cover interior and exterior spaces. The overall structural integrity of the building will be the primary focus. Roofing will be carefully inspected including the shingles, construction integrity, chimneys, gutters and downspouts.

Electrical systems will be carefully scrutinized to identify potential problems. Outlets, fuse boxes and junction boxes will be inspected to ensure everything is up to code. Heating and air conditioning systems will be checked, including thermostats and ductwork. An energy audit is a great idea and can pay for itself by identifying areas where energy savings could be realized. Plumbing repair can be a major expense. An Orlando home inspection company will inspect plumbing carefully to identify current or future areas for concern.

Home exteriors will be carefully examined, as will any additional structures such as garages, workshops and tool sheds. Windows and doors will be inspected with an eye to security & energy efficiency as well as caulking. Landscaping will also be inspected to pinpoint areas for concern such as grading, the need for retaining walls and other concerns. It is important to know exactly what you are buying. Some problems can be major trouble. Minor problems are often easily corrected.

Home Inspection Before Selling a Home

Inspections can be important before trying to sell your home. You do not want to discover a major surprise when showing your property. By getting reliable information from a professional, you can often make necessary repairs and generate a much greater profit from the sale. All services are completely confidential. Cottages, homes, apartment buildings and carriage houses will all receive the same careful inspection. A written report will be issued detailing any problems and recommendations for maintenance and upgrades.

Home Inspection Before Remodelling a Home

When choosing to remodel a home, Home Inspection by certified home inspectors in Orlando is a great way to identify work that needs to be done. Since you will already be disrupting your busy life, its the best time to upgrade systems and make needed repairs. These can add great value to your home. A qualified inspector can offer sound advice about repairs, remodeling and architectural matters that may be of great concern to you.

A final word about Home Inspection is in order. You should choose a reputable company with references, and experience. Determine whether the inspector is certified by any professional organizations. The



The Basics of A Home and Building Inspection

AAPI ( All American Property Inspections) explains the basics of home and building inspection, along with the essential things every good inspection should cover.

Understanding all there is before purchasing a potential house will make certain you steer clear of issues and higher expenses that may be related the issues of the home. In the vast majority of instances, the simplest method of attaining this is to retain the services of a certified home inspector. A skilled building inspector will invest a substantial quantity of experience, knowledge, and understanding in evaluating the exterior and interior of the home. This may often consist of roofing, flooring, fencing, and the garage.

AAPI offers outstanding home inspection services, to meet your needs. Do not skip past the need for an inspection to save a few dollars. Preventing this essential part of buying a house can have serious consequences.

The initial things to do when ordering a home or building inspection would be to locate the correct individual to perform the service. A home inspection must be performed by a suitably certified individual, which may consist of a licensed home inspector, or in some areas without licensing, an architect or a builder. Locating an experienced inspector is usually a case of looking on-line, or taking an individual recommendation from a friend, family or colleague. Make certain the inspector you choose to employ has significant experiences within the industry, and has the correct trade qualifications as well as holds any essential insurance coverage. AAPI contractors are certified and licensed to bring quality service.

These certified experts are totally conscious of what requirements must be met and what an inspection should cover, and are in a position to identify problems that need to be addressed as well as to potentially explain certain remedies. Unseen or unknown issues possess the ability to consume up a sizable amount of a budget, and you should have advance notice of this possibility}.

The type and kind of paperwork provided may differ depending upon the type of home, its age and square footage. Many inspectors may also differ between the way the report is written, prepared and delivered. Each of those elements has a direct influence on the general price you can expect to pay an inspector. AAPI’s inspection reports are comptrehensively written out with high resolution photos for easy understanding.

In general, the inspection report write-up should not be looked at as a document capable of detailing each and every little imperfection of a house. Rather the report ought to be though of as a realistic review for any substantial issues that were detectable from a visible and accessible point of view during the inspection process.

Hopefully you have a better understanding about the basics of home and building inspection. It is definitely an important process that should not be bypassed or overlooked, however its goal is to find major issues or at least issues that can cost significant money and that you as the buyer were unaware of. Call AAPI today to schedule your consultation.

Advantages of A Home Inspection – By AAPI Home Inspectors

Home inspections are advantageous to the seller and also the purchaser in almost all cases. Getting a high quality inspection can expedite the sale by presenting to a purchaser disclosure of a pre-listing house inspection report that they don’t have to pay for, which can give them confidence in you and your property. It could possibly sway their choice toward your house instead of toward a home that did not have a pre-listing inspection. AAPI professionals are here to answer your questions, and guide you through a quality home inspection.

An inspection carried out prior to a home that is placed in the marketplace can determine possible issues which you might be unaware of. Nearly each and every home, particularly one that is not brand new, will have some kind of problems or issues that may need attention sooner or later. Having knowledge of things in advance of listing, provides you time to address problems. It enables you time to pursue numerous estimates and repair men to ensure that the repair may be carried out rapidly and for a fair cost. When the issues are found by a potential buyers inspector, the chance to evaluate estimates and select a particular repair business might not be there, as it would be if it was done before listing the home for sale.

As soon as you place your house on the market, you will be eager to get a fast sale. Without a house inspection, problems could arise which may often delay the sale of one’s house. Potential purchasers which have an inspection carried out prior to finalizing a sale, might be deterred from investing in your house if issues are discovered. Even when an agreement may be reached regarding repairs, you’ll nonetheless need to cope with the time delay brought on by the negotiating procedure.

On the home buyers side of the table would be the advantages of getting a high quality pre-purchase inspection carried out if you’re seeking to purchase a home. It is simple to be awed from the beauty of a house. Nevertheless, you’ll need to provide severe consideration towards the elements from the house which are much less visible. In numerous instances, the problems that are likely to cost the most to repair are items which you are most likely to overlook. A educated expert knows what to inspect for. They are able to spot possible security hazards and poor workmanship from previous repairs.

As a possible purchaser, you might be unqualified to properly check the roof and roof drainage. You might not possess the essential understanding to understand the electrical, appliances, and plumbing. Water evidence can occasionally be very hard to identify. Any of those problems can cost you an arm and a leg to repair. They are not costs you would like to incur instantly following your closing and moving relocation costs.

If a house inspection reveals issues, you might not need to run from your dream house. You will be able to attempt to negotiate over issues through your realtor in hopes that the other party will pay for the repairs or meet you half way, concerning the list price and the estimated cost of repairs. The professionals at AAPI will conduct quality inspections, and help you through the process. Call today for a consultation!