Buying a home is the greatest investment most people will ever make. With large sums of money involved, there is considerable opportunity for fraud. Structural problems are hidden from prospective buyers in clever ways. These problems cost a great deal of money to correct. Read how Orlando home inspectors can help assessing the condition of the home and look for hidden problems inside and out

How we can help?

Hiring qualified Orlando home inspectors can minimize your exposure to this risk. AAPI has become an expert at finding the “hidden” issues of a home by looking for the things that do not make sense. People hide things in multiple ways but there is usually a tell tale sign that something is not right.

There is an effective solution, however. When you agree to buy any property, insist that a clause be inserted into the contract that closing is dependent on a satisfactory inspection report. As a Orlando home inspector I will identify any problems found and can prevent you from possibly making a big mistake.

First, it is important that you hire a reputable home inspector to perform your home inspection in Orlando which is what you will get with All American Property Inspections. I will do a thorough inspection on every home. The industry was not regulated by any government agency until 2010, so unqualified inspectors routinely perform inspections without the level of skill needed to identify all potential areas for concern. You should research Orlando home inspectors carefully before hiring any company. Find out how long the company has been in business and how much experience inspectors have in the field. Be sure that they belong to professional organizations such as the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Reputable firms make every attept to thoroughly inspect the property but are sometimes limited by access to areas. Fees range depending on the size, age and distance to the property. You should be present at the inspection. If a company refuses to allow your participation, do not hire them. Professional Orlando home inspectors should not object to this request. Both interior and exterior areas of a home will be examined, as will any property issues that may effect the home. Workshops or unattached garages will be inspected if requested and agreed in the price of the inspection. Plumbing, HVAC systems, electrical systems, insulation and windows and doors will all be included.

Infrared cameras can identify moisture and insualtion problems. Frequently overlooked problem areas are mold and mildew. However, more experienced Orlando home inspectors detect the same problems without the use of infrared cameras. Mold is caused by a moisture issue which can drastically weaken wooden structures and cause major structural damage. It can also be toxic to humans and pets in some cases. Eradicating mold and mildew can be quite expensive, so it is critical to have this information before you buy a home. Insulation levels can be determined by the use of digital laser thermometers registering the heat transfer through the ceiling sheetrock. AAPI uses experience as well as equipment to locate any moisture or insulation issues.

Some Orlando home inspectors can also inspect the landscape around your property to recognize potential hazards. Flooding, possible erosion or areas of ponding around the foundation can be identified. Qualified inspectors can also make suggestions for correcting problems in the most cost-efficient manner. Finding problems does not necessarily preclude closing on a property. The inspector will provide a detailed written report, and you may convince the seller to correct the problem or adjust the sales price accordingly.

Orlando Home Inspectors will also offer valuable advice about maintenance issues for your property. This saves thousands of dollars on repair bills. If upgrades are required, the inspector can explain the time and expense required compared to the benefits. For example, otherwise sound older homes may require electrical upgrades to run the dizzying array of modern electronics used in most homes. Some repairs can add tremendous value to your home. It may be possible to benefit financially by upgrading key systems. When you understand all your options, you can make a sound decision.