This is Bill with All American Property Inspections and during the windy season, we get a lot of debris that falls down off the trees.  This is right after Hurricane Irma, and as you look around, you can see where there has been a lot of debris from the local trees and the oaks especially, now why is it important that you remove the debris?  What happens is after a while it begins to decay and then in the decay, you get the wind that blows grass seed and birds also eat seeds and then release it into what typically becomes mulch of the decayed roof debris and then what happens is overtime, it grows into a lawn and so you actually have grass growing on top of the roof, also don’t pressure wash your roof because you will blow off the granules or the gravel on a roof like this.  So what you want to do is you want to get a professional up on the roof with a leaf blower and you want to blow all the debris off the roof, but this right here why you need to keep your roof free of debris.