There is no harm in heading out the yard to do a little yard work, getting a little exercise in the process. We advise you to be careful though! Accidents can and do happen—sometimes they are fatal. All too often, a homeowner will lean their ladder against the gutter when attempting their yearly “gutter run.” They likely failed to use a “gutter standoff.” When placing a ladder on a gutter, the damage is most often caused by impact from it bouncing sideways. Damage can also occur whether you are using a standoff or not. It is all about proper use. Angle is also another cause of damaged gutters. Pressure alone may not cause damage to a gutter. However, if that ladder pressure is at an angle, you may accidentally dent or even jar the gutter loose.

While gutters may appear to have their shortcomings, they are a required staple for a home’s stability. Home and building repairs can be expensive. Without an effective gutter system in place, cascading water can easily soak the ground at the foundation causing settling causing damage to walls and foundations. It can also enter  your home and drench the home’s interior.