Roof Gutters & Downspouts – Why Your Home Needs Them

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While gutters may appear to have their shortcomings, they are a required staple for a home’s stability. Home and building repairs can be expensive. Without an effective gutter system in place, cascading water can easily soak the ground at the foundation causing settling causing damage to walls and foundations. It can also enter your home and drench the home’s interior.

Here in Florida you don’t typically see rain gutter systems on homes and as a home inspector I still can’t understand this. The amount of erosion I see around the foundations of homes because of no gutters is very high. Almost every week during a home inspection I’m finding all sorts of problems that could have been prevented if only a gutter was installed. 

With all the rain gutter accessories that are on the market today, you can have a gutter system installed and add some extra accessories to spruce up your curb appeal. 

Like anything made or manufactured, there will always be a need and time for a replacement. Damaged, clogged, or ineffective gutters can cause the following problems:

Accumulation of Debris – Debris, such as leaves, rocks, tree branches, pine needles, and dirt can matt-down and become a solid sheet. Accumulated debris can also cause a fire hazard during dry seasons. We have seen gutters clog with the material, and cause roofing to wear prematurely under the shingles.

Crawlspace Flooding – This is not as uncommon as some would think. Water easily overflows from clogged gutters and can flood crawlspaces and cause cracked foundations. Walls can also learn while soil erodes from water that has no proper drain off.

Mold – Mold, and mildew love wet conditions, and will easily grow where there is a constant supply of dampness. As everyone knows, mold can be harmful to a person’s health.

Soil Erosion – Soil erosion makes it easier for foundations to give way. Then, expensive repairs can empty your wallet as a result.

Dry-rot on Fascia Boards and Roofs – Fascia boards look unsightly if the wood is rotting. Not to mention, they can also devalue a property. It is the same with roofs suffering from rain damages.

If you’re home does not have gutters on it and you think there may be a problem with soil erosion as the foundation of your home, give me a call today. I’ll come out and inspect the foundation and give you some peace of mind. Also, the first chance you get, call a local gutter installation company and have those gutters installed immediately. 


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