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Most of the time when you’re selling your home the last thing you’re thinking about is getting a pre-listing inspection done on your house. After all…isn’t that what the buyer is supposed to do?

Great question and yes, the buyer usually is the one to order a home inspection before signing the contract. Of course, if you think about it, they are doing that to see what issues there are with the house and if they have any leverage to get the cost lowered.

If you want to get top dollar and not have to drop the price of your home then you’ll definitely want to get a pre-listing (also known as pre-sale) inspection that is done by a Windermere FL certified home inspector.

It’s a lot better to know what needs to be fixed and fix it BEFORE the buyer’s inspector shows up!

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Benefits of having a Pre-listing Inspection Done

  • Fix any repairs that may arise
    This first one is probably the most beneficial to all homeowners. Many homeowners do not have an idea of the kind of routine maintenance, issues, and repairs that should be done to keep their home in proper condition. When these items are not done through routine maintenance, small, inexpensive issues can turn into some major issues.
  • Fewer issues the buyer’s inspector will find
    In many home inspections that I have done, the list of things that need repair may appear to be quite long. The reality of the repairs, for the most part, are small inexpensive repairs but still need to be done. When explaining all the things that need repairs to a client, all they hear is that there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of. This makes them think that the home is of poor quality and they become scared and afraid that they may be looking at buying a money pit.

    I explain to my clients that what they are dealing with is what I consider to be a lot of a little bit. There may be a lot of repairs but it only takes a little bit to repair them.

  • The buyers home inspector may blow things out of proportion
    The biggest reason that you want to get these items repaired is that you do not know how good of a home inspector your potential buyer is going to hire. What may be a simple typical repair may get blown way out of proportion by a home inspector that is not very knowledgeable or experienced. This may cost you the sale of your home. If you have your own home inspection done, this will give you recourse to argue against what their inspector might say about an issue.

    Many inspectors only have limited knowledge of the construction industry. They may have been an electrician, an air conditioner service tech, or a plumber, but that does not mean they understand the structure of a home. Or other systems about the home outside of the two-weekend course that it took to become a home inspector.

    The home inspector may find an item and not have an educated idea on how much the repair of that item might cost. Most of my clients when I explain an issue will ask me how much it will cost to get it repaired. If a home inspector with limited knowledge gives a price quote for a repair, that price quote may be way over the actual cost. This, in turn, may make your potential buyer ask for a substantial reduction in the sales price of your home.

  • You are in control of getting price quotes for the repair
    When you have your own home inspection you have the ability to call around and get price quotes for the repairs that are needed. If the potential buyer calls people to get price quotes, those quotes may be exaggerated by companies that may charge on the higher end of what most people charge for those repairs.

So, getting your own home inspection from an inspector that has the experience and the knowledge to give you the proper information may keep you from having to drop the price of your home and losing a small chunk of change.

As you can see, there are many good financial reasons to obtain your own presale inspection.

For a very nominal fee, it very well could save you thousands of dollars.

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