How do I know if my house will pass an inspection?

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Let’s ease your mind right away…A home inspector does not pass or fail a home.

The home passing or failing depends on the buyer either buying the home or walking away.

One hitch that sellers often run into when preparing their home for entering the market is failing to have a home inspection before listing the home to sell. When a deal does not go through it may seem like your home did not pass inspection but it really depends on the person buying the house and what their willing to negotiate.

There are many things that are quick and easy to repair but to a home buyer, they may seem like major issues or there may be a lot of little things that appear like there is a lot wrong with the home.

Some potential areas of trouble may include the presence of water staining and mold, wood decay, or other safety issues like old electrical services, faulty wiring, severe dry rot or structurally unsound stairs or decks. If your home is an older one, it may need more maintenance and repairs that you wouldn’t know about unless you hired an inspector.

Typically, just about any problem can be fixed on a home, which is why it’s so important for you as the seller to get a home inspection performed on your home before you put it on the market. 

It is in the best interest of home buyers to always have a home inspection even if the seller says they’ve already had one done because the seller may have had hired a home inspector to tell the seller exactly what they want to hear. This is why sellers should also have a second opinion in mind. If the buyer has a home inspection and determines that the first inspection was not up to par, they can always renegotiate. This is why a second opinion is typically always best for both parties.

The first step after receiving the home-inspection report is to fix the problems that were present in the report.  After you make the appropriate updates, it will be unlikely that any potential buyers will find something that will cause them to walk away from purchasing your home. Having the repairs done before a potential buyer has a home inspection done may also save you a lot of money by buyers wanting to negotiate a lower price because of repairs or potential repairs.

Sellers typically can avoid failing a home inspection by having the home inspected several months prior to putting it on the market. This gives you more opportunities to learn about the potential projects that the home needs in order to have it pass inspection.

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