Maintaining Your Roof by Removing Tree Debris

by | Jan 1, 2018 | Roof | 0 comments


This is Bill with All American Property Inspections and during the windy season, we get a lot of debris that falls down off the trees.

This is right after Hurricane Irma, and as you look around, you can see where there has been a lot of debris from the local trees and the oaks.

Why is it important that you remove the debris?  What happens is after a while it begins to decay and then when the wind comes it blows grass seed on top of your roof. Over time that seed turns into grass and now you’ve got a lawn growing on your roof.

If this happens, do not under any circumstance try to pressure wash the grass off your roof. All you’ll do is take the granules with it and damage your shingles. You’ll want to get a professional on your roof to get the debris off of it.

Once it’s gone, then you’ll want to maintain the roof and keep inspecting it on a regular basis.


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