Why Should You Have Your House Inspected?

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When you add all the fees that rack up when purchasing a home, it can be daunting. And what if you DON’T buy this house?  Then you get to start all over. The professionals at AAPI understand your problem. The following is a list of reasons why it’s so important for you to have your house inspected whether you’re buying or selling the property.

As a percentage of the overall cost, a home inspection is a tiny fraction.

Consider the downside of not having one done.  Not finding out that a major system that appears to be working now, is near the end of its life and will cost many thousands of dollars to repair or replace is not a good thing.  The home inspection just brought that fault to your attention so you can budget for it or even use it to negotiate a better price. The Home Inspection may have just saved you that money so it was essentially free.

“The seller is required to disclose anything that is wrong”.

They are only required to disclose the things they know about,  and many homeowners are not aware that there is a problem or suffer from “deterioration creep”, phenomena that occur as something gradually gets worse but you just compensate for it.  “It’s always been that way, we are used to it so didn’t think to disclose it.”   Others may not be totally honest or may even attempt to actually hide a known defect. I have discovered just such a thing in the past.

“It’s a brand new house, what could be wrong?”

Did you know that many local code enforcement inspectors only spend less than15 minutes at most checking the house?  Compare that against a typical, thorough, 1-3 hour or more inspection by a qualified Home Inspection Expert.  If there is a problem, it’s more likely that it will be found.  Finding it can save you many thousands of dollars and many hours of anguish and stress, fighting with the builder to get it fixed after the deal is done and they have your money.

When it comes time to negotiate, does doing your own DIY Home Inspection carry as much weight as one done by a Professional Home Inspector that has done this every day for years?

Not really, it will more likely be viewed as an attempt to “grind” the seller for a lower price.  The Independent Professional Home Inspector has no “ax to grind” so their professional evaluation is valid and is more credible.

AAPI is a reliable source for your home inspection needs. Call today to set a consultation!


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