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What sets our Home Inspection Reports above the rest?

We are all aware of the litigating society that we live in. It seems that everybody wants to sue someone else.

Home inspectors, in general, seem to be an easy target which has made home inspecting reports become very vague in order to protect the inspector.

I am continually called upon by realtors, mortgage brokers, and insurance companies to give an assessment or bring an understanding of other inspector’s reports.

Many home inspectors have gone with what is called a checkbox reporting system. To me, this is the vaguest report a person can get.

These types of reports do not go into any kind of detail but are very generalized yes/no reporting systems. Typically, with these reports the photographs (if there are any) are added at the end of the report so you as the consumer, have to figure out what you are looking at and what part of the report is it referencing.

There are many kinds of reporting software out there and the comprehensive written report, in my opinion, is the most definitive in inspection reporting.

Even with using this type of reporting system, many inspectors write things in a way that is vague to leave a question so that they can deny any liability for anything reported or not reported. My reports are not only comprehensively written out, but they are also very detailed.

The Windermere home inspection report you receive is not only comprehensively written out, but they are also very detailed. I use high-resolution photographs including graphics such as arrows pointing to the issues so that you can see exactly what I saw.

The photograph is added directly under the item that is reported so that you know what you are looking at.

Home Inspection Report Sample

One of the many compliments I get from my clients is on my reporting and the ease of understanding of my reports. I try to write things as concise as possible and give the client as much information as possible.

Since the inspection is nonintrusive, many times what the report does is direct you to a problem but not necessarily the solution.

Many things that are found in a home inspection have multiple different ways of being repaired and there are many different opinions on which repair is best and whether things should be repaired or replaced.

As a home inspector, it is not up to me to decide who should do what but to put together an honest professional assessment of what the facts are. Please take the time to look through my sample report to see the detail in my reports.

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